Train Hard, Drink Beer

We’re a beer club with a running problem based in Galway City.

Red Bull interviewed us about running routes in Galway once. That was pretty cool.

Join us for a run and a beer sometime?

Motivation Monday at the Oslo Bar

7pm, last Monday of the month

Second Sunday at the Salt House

12:30pm, second Sunday of the month

Attention: Our 2024 February 11th run will be taking place on the University of Galway campus in the form of a charity event instead of the usual Second Sunday format.

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We are not a professional running group. You participate at your own risk and it is up to you to assess your own ability for participation.
We recommend dressing appropriately (running shoes and proper gear), while also being mindful of the weather and conditions .

New or existing personal injuries or aggravated medical conditions are not our responsibility.
By attending our runs, you accept the responsibility that your participation is at your own risk.

Over 18s only.